Thursday, December 20, 2007

Literary works

Visual interpretations of literary works.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Old Men- Final Layout

Old Men- Final Images

Text: Old Men- Odgen Nash


People expect old men to die,

They do not really mourn old men.

Old men are different. People look

At them with eyes that wonder when...

People watch with unshocked eyes;

But the old men know when an old man dies

Grandpa contacts (Odgen Nash- Old Men)

Chronicles- Final Layout

Chronicles- Final Image

Text: Chronicles- Bob Dylan

The moon was rising behind the Chrysler Building, it was late in the day, street lighting coming on, the low rumble of heavy cars inching along in the narrow streets below-sleet tapping against the office window. Lou Levy was starting and stopping his big tape machine-diamond ring gleaming off his pinky finger-cigar smoke hanging in the blue air. The place was like a room used for interrogation, a fixture like a fruit bowl hanging overhead and a couple of lamps, some brass ones on floor stands. Below my feet a patterned wood floor. It was a drab room and cluttered with trade magazines-Cashbox, Billboard, radio survey charts-an ancient filing cabinet in the corner. Besides Lou's old metal desk, there were a couple of wood chairs and I sat forward in one of them strumming songs off the guitar.

Chris contacts (Dylan- Chronicles)

Bullet in the Brain- Final Layout

Bullet in the Brain- Final Image

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Text: Bullet in the brain- Tobias Wolff

The bullet is already in the brain; it won’t be outrun forever, or charmed to a halt. In the end it will

do its work and leave the troubled skull behind, dragging its comet’s tail of memory and hope and

talent and love into the marble hall of commerce. That can’t be helped. But for now Anders can

still make time. Time for the shadows to lengthen on the grass, time for the tethered dog to bark at

the flying ball, time for the boy in right field to smack his sweat-blackened mitt and softly chant,

They is, they is, they is.